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Shopping for Shoes

  1. Purchase shoes at the end of the day (when your feet are larger) to be certain they won’t be too tight.
  2. If you can’t wiggle your toes, the shoes are too small. Round or square-toed shoes have the most room. Narrow or pointed-toed shoes have the least room and can aggravate conditions such as bunions and hammertoes.
  3. Measure both feet. One usually is larger and the shoe should fit comfortably on that foot.
  4. Try on shoes with socks, hose, or any special insert you normally wear.
  5. Walk around the store in the shoes before purchasing. They should feel comfortable. Do not expect shoes to stretch to fit your foot.
  6. Footwear with adequate cushioning or shock absorption, such as athletic shoes, absorb more stress and protect your feet. This is important for anyone with heel pain.
  7. Shoes should have good arch support. Those that bend in the mid-sole area can lead to arch pain.